Roane Consulting Group (RCG) is a full service firm, specializing in sponsorships, brand management, and event planning. An enduring organization with an impeccable reputation, RCG is able to leverage its expertise and solid business partnerships into multiple revenue generating opportunities for its clients.


Sponsorship Consulting:

Organizations need capital and exposure. By offering unique, targeted and cost effective methods to reach current and prospective markets, RCG assists organizations in marrying continuous exposure and growing capital. We do this through the identification and pursuit of sponsorship opportunities.


Sponsorship Program Development:

Playing your position is vital.  When you have a great idea for a unique property, you may need funding sources.  RCG has a proven methodology that focuses on acquiring resources that will facilitate the long-term growth of your property versus short-term gains.  RCG sells, manages and implements sponsorship development and ensures quality control.  We have an outstanding service record and are known for executing unique and transformative marketing programs.


Product Integration:

RCG has coined the equation to successful production integration: Strategic Positioning + Activation = Profitable Product Integration (SP + A = PPI). Our approach is based on granting a sponsor maximum visibility via a variety of mediums and platforms. RCG teams with clients to establish strategic marketing goals, as well as the proper product mix and positioning in order to reach a desired demographic audience.


Brand Management:

RCG is an industry recognized expert in developing comprehensive corporate sponsorships and brand management programs. Our experienced staff is committed to assisting our clients build awareness and preference for their respective properties, while masterminding strategies to reach current and prospective markets.


Sponsorship Activation:

Success lies in the details. RCG understands that just selling a sponsorship isn’t enough to make a successful marriage between the sponsor and the property. We ascertain the tangible and intangible assets unique to each property, thus we are able to make critical assessments in determining and targeting the preferred audience and properly matching and positioning the property to achieve incremental sales and or exposure.


Event Planning:

RCG has established itself as the premiere planner of dynamic, high-powered, and high-end events. Elegance and taste define our work whether it is a holiday toy drive for disadvantaged youth, an international music festival for 20,000 party-goers, an NBA All-Star Weekend event, or a book signing party for a local author. Superior style and class join elegance and taste as the four pillars on which our event planning division is built.